Raiya Go Fresher Fluoride Toothpaste (With Toothbrush)

Product Code: Raiya Go Fresher Flouride Toothpaste (With Toothbrush)
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Cavity & Plague Prevention

  • Helps prevent cavities and plagues with its special fluoride formula by replacing lost calcium and minerals remineralization onto enamel layer to avoid cavities on teeth from the exposed roots to the tip.
  • New improved quality with triple mints (cool mint, spearmint and peppermints) for fresher enhancement.
  • Enhanced cleansing power and better mouth feel.
  • Creamy foaming.
  • Special pack with toothbrush.
Packing per Carton
Raiya Go Fresher Fluoride Toothpaste
48pcs x 250gm
395 x 368 x 228mm

                                        With Toothbrush

72pcs x 175gm
395 x 368 x 228mm




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