Raiya Go Fresher Non Fluoride Toothpaste (Ice Cool Mint Flavour)

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Cavity & Plague Prevention

  • Enriched with Xylitol to prevent cavities by helping the absorption of calcium and able to remineralize enamel.
  • Contains of Allantoin to helps wound healing, enhances soothing and moisturising effect.
  • New improved quality with ice cool mint and tree tea oil flavour.
  • Enhanced cleansing power and better mouth feel.
  • Increasing tooth-brushing satisfaction with creamy foaming.
  • Mild abrasives to provide good cleaning power while remove debris, residual surface and safe to teeth enamel.
Packing per Carton
Raiya Go Fresher Non Fluoride
48pcs x 250gm
436 x 266 x 241mm
           72pcs x 175gm        395 x 368 x 228mm
 144pcs x 75gm
510 x 438 x 198mm


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